How much does it cost to signup?

Give us a call on 0800 464 7720 to discuss our FREE 3 month trial. After your trial you pay just a 4% flat rate commission fee. No contract term, cancel anytime when you return our machine. Terms apply.

What other charges are there on The FoodHouse?

We charge the customer a 50p service fee on every order which is received by The FoodHouse to run the service. There is NO card processing fees.

Do you create our own Branded Apps?

Yes, you automatically receive your own branded Apple and Android apps as part of the service.

Where can I see a demo of your website?

Our demo website is available at or contact us for a demonstration.

How can I market my own website?

We deal with many businesses and can offer support and advice on what has worked best with many years of experience. Please ask us for more details.

We will help you setup your website on your Google business listing as part of the service at no extra cost.

How quickly do I receive my money?

Payments are made 3 working days behind the transaction date. For example, paid orders made on a Monday are paid 3 working days later on the Thursday automatically.

Payments are made NET, meaning they are paid with the commission already removed so no payment is required at a later date.

How do I manage my website?

You can manage your website settings, payments, transactions and much more on our Owner Hub app which is available on Google Play and Apple Stores or at

A new owner has taken over, what can I do?

Contact us as soon as possible to make sure money and payments are being sent to the correct bank account.

Can my website print different languages?

Our website can take orders in English and print Chinese letters for example or any other language of your choice if you can provide us with the translation. There maybe an extra charge for different equipment for language support.

How can I close my website in an emergence or I am too busy?

You can do this in your Owner Hub app or your order machine. This is a very simple process and one of our team can advise you.

What is a Service Fee?

This is a fee charged by The FoodHouse on all orders instead of the restaurant paying a monthly fee. The Service Fee is received by The FoodHouse to cover our costs and is standard across the industry,  saving the restaurant up to £720 per year.

What is TablePay?

TablePay is a service we have which allows your customers to order and pay from your menu at their table. You only need to take the order to the customer. This reduces contact time with the customer to minimise risk.

Can I view orders on my mobile?

Of course, we have a mobile app which mirrors the orders from your order machine so you can mange these via the web or our app.