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At The FoodHouse, we fully understand that running a business is a big challenge and can sometimes make you feel alone. It’s not easy to handle all the different tasks and worries that come with being in charge. But that’s exactly why we’re here – to offer our help and advice through each step of your journey. We see ourselves as more than just another company you deal with; we’re your friend, your teammate, and your biggest supporter.

Our main goal is to help your business thrive. We’re ready to put in all the effort needed to give you the tools, resources, and guidance that will help you reach your dreams. Whether it’s helping you solve a problem, offering expert advice, or just being there to listen, we’re committed to being by your side. We promise to support you from the very beginning all the way to your success.

We believe in building a strong partnership with you, our branded websites and apps help you to gain trust in your customer and bring them direct to you instead of using the national portals with their expensive commissions. Our platform gives you the scope to run your own menu and offers at your fingertips with the support of our dedicated team.

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Your Style - Your Brand

Grow your business

Our company works hard to offer smart marketing plans and creative ideas to make sure your business gets and keeps more customers.

Over 25 years experience

Our leaders have more than 25 years of experience together in making strong websites and helpful tools. You can feel sure you're in great hands.

FREE Sunmi V2 Machine

Your FREE top-notch order machine works with mobile data, so you'll always get your orders, even if the wifi stops working. Only for businesses with a physical location.

Fixed low commission

With one of the smallest fixed fees around at only 4%, our services can boost your business's earnings and pay you automatically every day.

Sunmi V2 Printer

Our Sunmi V2 printer has a SIM card and can print orders from your website right away. We’ll give you info on the best mobile network for your area.


After your 3-month trial, we only take a flat 4% fee for each order.

We don’t make you sign a contract, so you can stop anytime—just return the order machine to us.

During the trial, there are no charges at all for the restaurant, so you can try our service totally risk-free.