The FoodHouse

Making Online Ordering Easy!

The FoodHouse Online Limited started in 2016 by Roger Byrne and David Duff, who both know a lot about websites with over 20 years of experience each. They wanted to help people who own takeaways, restaurants, and cafes by giving them a good website and app without charging them a lot of money.

The company is in Newcastle Upon Tyne, England, and is known for making websites and online marketing for food places without costing too much.

Roger and David lead the company, offering great service that stands out from other companies. Their hard work and focus on quality have made lots of customers happy and loyal.

The FoodHouse loves new ideas and making customers happy. They want to keep coming up with new digital ways to help food business owners. The company is doing well thanks to its founders and plans to stay ahead in the industry.

The FoodHouse also helps local groups and charities. They believe in helping out and having a good impact.

They support charities like The People’s Kitchen, The Children’s Ward at the RVI, and the West End Food Bank. They help by raising money, volunteering, and more.

They also run fun competitions with prizes like food vouchers, Amazon vouchers, a TV, and holidays.

The team really cares about making a difference. They’re happy with what they’ve done and plan to keep supporting local groups and businesses.